Who wrote the Millennium trilogy?

by Peter

Who wrote The Girl With the Dragoon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest? The publication of a Swedish biograhpy about Stieg Larsson has sparked a new debate in Scandinavia over this. As Stieg Larsson was the bestselling author in Europe in 2009, this is somewhat interesting.

It started with a comment in a Swedish newspaper – Dagens Nyheter – by a former colleague of Stieg Larsson, Anders Hellberg, who said that at the time when he worked with him, Stieg Larsson could not write a single coherent sentence. That he was a bad writer. And Hellberg speculated that perhaps someone else had written the books in the Millennium-series. Today Danish newspaper BT has a headline saying “Stieg Larsson was not alone in writing the Millennium series”.

The debate over this has been back and forth for a while in a number of Scandinavian newspapers. Now, in an email exchange with Danish newspaper Politiken (a very reliable newspaper), published today, Eva Gabrielsson – Stieg Larsson’s partner for 32 years – says that “I did not only correct language”, and goes on to say that her involvement in the writing process extended far beyond commenting on the language.

“It is difficult for me to identify what is Stieg and what is me in the Millennium language, content, and so on, ” says Eva Gabrielsson

The only thing I am sure of, is that this is not the end of it – now that the lid has been opened, many will want to see the inside of this case.

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Peter H. Fogtdal

I happened on this site because I was looking for information about the fact(?) that Stieg Larsson didn’t write his own books. I’m writing a facetious blog about it myself, so your entry was very informative.

Since I’m a Danish novelist who is published in the US and Canada, I’m happy to know there’s a site for Scandinavian lit in English. Keep up the good work!


Hi Peter!

Thanks! I am happy you like the blog, and hopefully the site as well. I am a Scandinavian living in the US, and love Scandinavian literature. Keep me posed on stuff you learn about that isn’t covered here!



Wow that’s fascinating. For the sake of avid readers like myself, I hope Eva Gabrielsson is telling the truth and will be able to write sequels to the trilogy that are as good as the original. I thought the books were fantastic!



I think there are a lot of people out there who would like to learn more about the role of Eva Gabrielsson. But whether that is useful information or not I am not sure. It probably isn’t unless she can finish the fourth and/or possible all ten planned volumes. And I somehow doubt that :)

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