Who gets Marianne Fredriksson's Money?

by Peter

As we all know, there is a conflict over deceased author Stieg Larsson’s estate. His brother and father inherited all, his partner for most of his life, Eva Gabrielsson, did not get anything. According to the Swedish news, the brother & father now say she has been offered SKR 20 million, but she denies this. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, Stieg Larsson’s books have now sold for more than 1 billion SKR. 2% doesn’t seem all that generous, even if it is true?

There is also another major battle over a deceased writer going on in Sweden for the moment. Marianne Fredriksson died in 2007, 79 years old. She had a fortune of some SKR 100 million plus. And she left it all to her gardener and assistant Samuel Reyes (apart from 100.000 to Doctors without Borders). Now her daughters are disputing the testament.

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