Scandinavian movies: Five memorable dramas

by Peter

Along with Scandinavian crime fiction, the Scandinavian movie industry too has taken some big leaps forward during the last decade or so. Here are five dramas that are my special favorites.

  1. My Life as a Dog (DVD)My life as a Dog.This is not a recent one, but it is simply so compelling and sweet that I love to watch it from time to time. A Swedish boy is able to cope with severe hardships due to his ability to always see his own problems in a larger perspective. The story is very compelling and excellently told. A real heart-warmer of a movie! Read more ..
  2. Mother of Mine, DVDMother of Mine. A strong Finnish movie, winner of numerous awards, about the 70,000 Finnish children that were sent to Sweden during World War II. It is a stand-out, very well made and very poignant, superbly acted, that tells this story through the eyes of 9-year-old Eero. It is moving on many levels, and made a deep impression on me. Read more ..
  3. Elling, DVDElling. This is another marvel of a movie. It too has received all sorts of honors and awards. What sets it apart is the charming and delightful combination of offbeat comedy with poignant insight. It tells the story written by Ingvar Ambjornsen about Kjell Bjarne and Elling, two special people who have spent time in a mental institution and are now judged fit to return to society. We follow them as they try to overcome the huge challenges of everyday life in Oslo. Simply wonderful! Read more ..
  4. Fanny and Alexander (DVD)Fanny and Alexander. Most of Ingmar Bergman’s movies are masterpieces; Bergman had a special magic touch. Among them, this is my personal favorite for the title of “Bergman’s Best”. Bergman drew upon memories of his own childhood for this portrait of the Ekdahls, an upper-class Swedish family whose celebrations and tribulations are seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Alexander. Excellent on every level, and one I love to return to. Read more ..
  5. Babette's Feast, by Karen BlixenBabette’s Feast. This warm, quiet Danish pearl is a marvel. Based on a story by Karen Blixen (a k a Isak Dinesen), this artistic, sensual movie is full of sacred passions. A woman flees the French civil war and lands in a small seacoast village in Denmark. There she arranges a feast for the inhabitants that will forever change their lives. It is a lovely and stunning movie. Read more ..

In addition, As It is in Heaven also deserves special mentioning. An outstanding, very charming movie where Michael Nyqvist gives what it perhaps the best performance ever!

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