New Jo Nesbo novel in the Harry Hole series

by Peter

Norwegian newspapers Dagbladet and VG today report that Jo Nesbo will publish the next and ninth novel in the Harry Hole series in Norwegian in August this year. Nesbo’s series about the reckless alcoholic Harry Hole is the most successful Norwegian crime fiction series ever and all of Nesbo’s books have topped the Norwegian bestseller lists, so this is good news for his Norwegian fans. Jo Nesbo himself is in “isolation” while he is finishing the book, according to the Norwegian newspapers.

Meanwhile,  Jo Nesbo’s The Leopard, the eight book in the series (and the sixth to be translated into English) is about to be released in the UK (see The Leopard at Amazon UK). The release date is January 20th, and The Snowman (the fifth in the Harry Hole series) is to be released in the US on May 10 (it has actually been available for a while via companies that have imported the UK edition). In addition, the production of the movie based on his freestanding novel, Hodejegerne (The Headhunters), is well under way as well.

So this is an exciting time for Harry Hole fans and must be quite exciting for Jo Nesbo as well!

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