More Wallander featuring Kenneth Branagh on PBS

by Peter

Swedish police inspector Kurt Wallander, the world famous detective created by Henning Mankell, played by Kenneth Branagh, will soon be back on American televisions screens. While the Swedish original Wallander-series has been running for a while, Branagh has had a lot of success with his interpretation of Wallander,  and has been Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated for his role as the soul-searching, introvert Swedish cop. Wallander I, the first installment of the series, included Sidetracked, Firewall, and One Step Behind.

Wallander II has three gripping new Kurt Wallander cases based on Mankell’s books. In Faceless Killers (October 3), The Man Who Smiled (October 10) and The Fifth Woman (October 17), the down-at-the-heels sleuth is having a very hard time. He is nearing the end of his emotional rope. He is now at odds with the people important to him – his daughter, his father – at the same time as his blood sugar is gyrating and he has to come to terms with having killed a man. That’s a lot to handle, even for a stoic Swede!

I am very much looking forward to seeing this series!

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