Jo Nesbo tops the UK bestseller list with The Leopard

by Peter

Jo NesbøNorwegian newspapers Dagbladet and VG, as well as the official Jo Nesbo site, reports that the latest Harry Hole book from Jo Nesbo went straight to the top of the hardcover bestseller list in England after being published there.

Jo Nesbo is for the moment on a climbing trip to Asia, but says that he is very happy about this – he is very competitive and loves good results, he says :) Jo Nesbo is the second Scandinavian crime fiction writer to achieve this – the first was a guy named Stieg Larsson.

I have reviewed The Leopard by Jo Nesbo, and consider it an excellent and very entertaining book. Deservedly, the Harry Hole series seems to be getting more and more fans, both in England, the US and elsewhere. Great for Jo Nesbø!

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