Henning Mankell with a brand new Kurt Wallander book!

Henning Mankell has written a new book about detective Kurt Wallander from Ystad. It is due out in Sweden in August 2009! The title translates into something like “The Worried Man” (Den orolige mannen) (the image is the Swedish book cover). Here is a little bit about its content:

A winter day in Sweden in 2008, a retired officer from the Swedish Navy, Håkan von Enke, disappears during his daily walk in the Lilljan forest. For Kurt Wallander this is a very personal affair – von Enke is the father in law of his daughter Linda and the grandfather of her little daughter.

And even though the case is handled by the police in Stockholm, Kurt Wallander finds himself unable to stay away from the case. And when von Enke’s widow, Louise, disappears as well, and like her husband without a trace and equally mysteriously, Wallander’s interest in the case increases even further.

As he moves back in time and starts connecting the dots, he finds that there are clues in the direction of the Cold War, political extremists on the far right, and a professional hitman from Eastern Europe. Wallander starts to suspect that he has stumbled upon a secret that lies at the core of the Swedish post World War II history. He may be onto something which may turn out to be much more important than the so called Wennerstrom-affair, the largest and most humiliating spy affair in the history of Sweden. Wallander finds himself in a situation where he is unable to see the possible consequences of his actions and findings.

And then, another, even darker threat appears on his radar ..

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