Henning Mankell, Kurt Wallander and Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo

by Peter

The Wallander series musicIt is strange how things are inter-related. Henning Mankell writes the Kurt Wallander series. The series became popular crime movies. And now the music from the Wallander movies has become popular as well. Nostalgia (Wallander Main Theme) by Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo.

You can listen to the track below or purchase the song as an MP3 file for £0.80 GBP, €0.90 EUR or $1.30 USD. Click the image on the left for a link to amazon US. Here is a link to amazon UK: Nostalgia (Main Theme For Wallander)

And here is a scene from the Wallander movie The Woman in the Photograph from the BBS-series as well. The Brits have already seen it, here in the US we will just have to wait for it. Oh well.

In the movie clip Wallander turns to Isa to help shed light on the identity of the woman in the photograph, but the assassin is once again closing in. Contains some violent scenes.

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