Hakan Nesser reviewed in New York Times

by Peter

Hakan Nesser’s most recent book, Woman with Birthmark, is reviewed in New York Times today. The reviewer, Marilyn Stasio, writes that

The only thing interesting about the poor man is that he was shot four times — twice in the chest and twice in the groin. When another man of no consequence is killed in the same manner, Inspector Van Veeteren, along with the reader, suddenly perks up, recognizing a good old-fashioned hunt-the-dogs-down device when he sees it. Although the melancholy inspector is the nominal head of this show, subordinates take on a big share of the load on a case that becomes a lot more exciting once the characters targeted for murder finally realize that they are being hunted down like the dogs they are.

Hakan Nesser is, in my opinion, a great writer that deserves more attention than he gets in the US. So a review in the New York Times is good news!

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