Flame and Citron (2008) DVD

by Peter

I just happened to see this Danish movie Flame and Citron from World War Two yesterday. It is a movie about the Danish resistance during the war, and based on real events. I was very, very impressed with the movie and enjoyed it tremendously.

It takes place in Copenhagen, 1944. As the Nazi occupation of Denmark rages, two Resistance fighters – a young idealist code named Flame (Thure Lindhardt) and tense family man Citron (Mads Mikkelsen) – become the underground’s most proficient killers of collaborators and sympathizers. Time after time they are ordered to go out and kill.

The SS is hunting them. They spend most of their time hiding, and they trust only each other. But in a time where fear and mercy must live in the shadows, will a mysterious woman and a new assignment to assassinate the head of the Gestapo lead them to the deadliest places of all?

Flame and Citron

Christian Berkel co-stars in this white-knuckle, very noir thriller based on the Denmark’s most infamous agents from co-writer/director Ole Christian Madsen, that critics worldwide hail as an explosive saga of justice, vengeance and the moral complexities of true heroism.

Flame and Citron is a Danish produced drama and the most
expensive film made in Denmark thus far. It is directed adeptly
and really captures the essence of Denmark and what it must
have been like during Nazi occupation. The actors and acting was superb, the dialogues very sharp and to the point, and the movie overall both exciting, appalling and very impressive. It is a movie without any ready-made or easy answers. A strong portrayal of the confusion, anxiety, and exasperation that accompany life in trying times. Strongly recommended!


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