Echoes From the Dead, by Johan Theorin

by Peter

In Echoes From the Dead, A six year old boy, Jens, disappears on Öland. His family, the police and volunteers look for him for weeks. But he is gone, without a trace, and never found.

More than 20 years later, now living on the Swedish mainland, his mother Julia recieves an unexpected phone call from her father, Gerlof Davidsson, a retired sea captain who still lives on the island. He has received a package with a child’s shoe in the mail. He thinks it belongs to Jens.

Reluctantly Julia returns to Öland. She tries to find out more. And now she is told the story about Nils Kant, a man who once scared people on the island. His great joy was the pain of others. Even though he has been dead since WWII, some still claim to have seen him recently.

The story of Nils Kant starts during the summer of 1936, when Nils is ten years old. Nils is the oldest of two brothers, and he has an inflated self-image which makes him unpredictable and dangerous.

Echoes from the dead, by Johon TheorinEchoes From the Dead is a chilling psychological thriller, and tells a story where the past extends its shadows into the present. The action in the books moves from the current back into the past, to the Second World War and beyond, and from the barren city of Öland to the ports of the Caribbean.

The book is inspired by a real story which took place in Bohuslän in Sweden in the mid 1980s.

Echoes From the Dead is a tale of love, loss and sorrow. Most of all, it is a gripping, engaging and terrifying study of true evil.

Echoes From the Dead is an impressive, fast paced and exciting debut book. It is definitely one of the best crime books I have read after reading Stieg Larsson’s first book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I do not understand how the Swedes are able to produce crime writers like this, but I am deeply impressed.

It is a masterpiece of a crime novel. The characterizations are strong, and Johan Theorin makes the characters come alive. And the book masterfully expresses strong emotions. It is also very well written, at times almost lyrical. Echoes From the Dead is a new bestseller from Sweden!

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