Coming attractions – new crime fiction authors from Sweden

Two authors that have made a big splash in Sweden recently are Lars Kepler and Jens Lapidus. Soon they will both appear in English as well, and I expect them both to be very successful.Lars Kepler is the pseudonym of the two people on the image above, authors Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril. After they had published their book The Hypnotist – a book that got rave reviews and became a bestseller in Sweden – the Swedish media started a huge investigation into the case of who had written the book. And eventually it was revealed. Regardless of the hoopla – there is also substance. Reviewers agree that the book is very well written, that it is extremely exciting and quite a bit frightening. And readers in Sweden love it.

”Lars Kepler enthralls readers with The Hypnotist, just like Stieg Larsson did with the Millennium-series… I just sit there, spellbound, while racking my brains trying to figure out who Lars Kepler is. The man who, with his magic wand, has created one of the best crime novels I have ever sacrificed a good night’s sleep for.” (Norrköpings Tidningar)

It is still unclear when exactly it is being published in English, but I am confident it will be in 2010 (it was published in 2011). The second newcomer, and equally exciting, is the young lawyer Jens Lapidus. He has written two books so far. Never fuck up(Swedish title: Aldrig fucka upp) and Easy Money (Swedish title: Snabba cash). They are part of a planned trilogy called The Stockholm Noir Trilogy. His writing has been compared to James Ellroy and Dennis Lehane. (Easy Money will be published in the US in November 2011. It is available for preorder Easy Money (US preorder), (UK))

Both novels are dark and take place in the criminal underbelly of Stockholm, where Hells Angels, Bandidos, different ethnic mafia groups and prison gangs vie for space and control over drugs, weapons, and money. They have sold extremely well in Sweden, and the first novel has already been released as a movie in Sweden. No date has been released for the English translations, but I am sure it will be soon. I am about to start reading these books, and I am confident that many of you will soon be doing the same.

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