This blog is primarily about Scandinavian literature. It will mainly present reviews of books, information about authors, and literary news from Scandinavia. The blog focuses on current literature, primarily fiction (mostly crime fiction), thrillers, and mystery books, without being limited to these categories.

The blog is operated as an extension of ScandinavianBooks.com. A major reason for using this blog as an extension of the site is simply that it is hard to make ordinary web sites visible to the search engines. Seemingly the search engines, especially Google, prefer content in blogs to that published in ordinary web sites, regardless of the quality of the content. And as visibility to the search engines is extremely important to an amateur site like this, that is a fact of life the site must simply adapt to.

We hope you enjoy the blog and the site! Any feedback you may have, either in the form of comments to the posts or by email to Peter @ scandinavianbooks.com, is welcome and encouraged. The same, of course, goes for support to the blog and site in any form, for instance by purchasing your Amazon books or other items from Amazon via the links and ads provided here!

If you want to submit books and/or movies for review, please contact jf @ scandinavianbooks.com (remove blanks in the email address)!

We also welcome advertising. We sell both text-link ads and other types, located in individual posts (and showing only in those posts) or located in the sidebars or in the header or footer (and thus showing on every page loaded). Please contact Peter @ scandinavianbooks.com (remove blanks in the email address).

Thank you very much for your visit, and come soon and often :)

We would also like to apologize for the instability of this site over the last couple of weeks. The web hosting service we used experienced some severe technical problems, and we have now moved to a new web hosting site, and hope these problems will not reoccur. The new hosting service will also, in our opinion, provide better opportunities for future development of the site. You can read more about this sad tale about web hosting and server instability here. The new hosting is much more expensive, of course, and if you want to donate to help us with the costs, head over to this page! Thanks.



PS: Also, my most sincere thanks to the good folks at WordPress.com for continuously developing this wonderful free platform for bloggers. It is a marvelous CMS that I enjoy very much. My thanks to all the great people making plugins, themes and widgets for the WordPress platform too. What an outstanding  job you guys are doing!

And also to Chris Pearson who has developed the WordPress theme I am using, Thesis. It is an excellent theme, and keeps getting better all the time, and the support for it is great too. Even though it costs a few bucks to buy it, I strongly recommend it to fellow blog-ers!

PS2: To fellow Scandinavians: En hilsen til folk fra Skandinavia – Danmark, Island, Finland, Norge og Sverige – som stikker innom denne bloggen også. Jeg er norsk/svensk, bor i California og er glad i og stolt over litteraturen vi har. Jeg leser norsk, svensk og dansk, men dessverre ikke islandsk og finsk, så der trenger jeg tips og råd. Det er så enormt mye bra og skjer så mye, og jeg har vanskelig for å dekke alt. Om dere har tips, ønsker å sende meg en anmeldelse, eller bare vil ta kontakt, så sett i gang og gjør det. Skandinavia er bra!

PS3: We finally deleted our forum – after fighting the spammers for a while we gave up. Forum software does not protect well enough against spam. As of today (11/9/2012) it had more than 3500 users registered by spam bots, and deleting the stream of new bots registering as users and the spam they posted simply took too much time.

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